San Antonio Business Lawyers

Because our attorneys have personal and/or professional experience involving businesses of all sizes, we understand our clients' needs for strategic thinking and advice regarding ‘tolerable risk.' This foundation forms our approach to business disputes and litigation, negotiation, contract drafting and real estate transactions . Therefore we make every effort to assist our clients in ensuring that business deals are not delayed by the attorney.

We routinely assist business owners with starting a business including the setup of an entity such as a limited liability company, corporation, partnership, professional association, or other form as appropriate (including the misnomer‘S-Corporations'). We frequently file these entities within 24-48 hours and can coordinate with your tax professional regarding tax matters and assistance.

Our pricing for the average entity is competitive with what many online filing services offer; however, with our firm, you get the benefit of actually consulting with an attorney. We also provide registered agent services as necessary. Business law spans multiple practice divisions at our firm, and it touches and affects many other areas of the law. We look forward to sharing our experience with you to support you and your business.

Negotiation Lawyers

Our firm has successfully negotiated various contracts and business deals ranging from a few thousand dollars in size to in excess of fifty-million.  Our firm also assists with pre-litigation dispute resolution.  On average, less than one percent of cases in Bexar County will be resolved by a jury and, as such, the parties will often arrive at their own conclusion before the court does.  For disputes that can’t be voluntarily resolved, we work with litigation co-counsel.

Business Attorneys offering Results

Some firms approach negotiation in the same manner they approach drafting agreements: if they’ve used the same document in the past, they will use it again in what they consider to be the same situation. Thus, if they’ve negotiated a contract dispute before, they will most likely use the same approach repeatedly. There are some cost and experience benefits obtained from using the same approach in negotiation on a particular type of claim repeatedly, but it is not always beneficial. Moreover, it is not necessarily the familiarity with a concept that leads to success in the arena of disputes, but the willingness to work hard to accomplish the client’s goals and ability to think “outside the box”..

Helotes Business Lawyers – Experienced and Capable

While we do not seek to reinvent the wheel, our firm prides itself on creative negotiation strategies blended with cost cutting measures. We believe in identifying and addressing the weaknesses of our clients (as well as their opponents) early in representation so that our clients improve their chances of getting the best outcome and the parties can better understand their relative positions. Our multi-faceted approach does not rely on a “cookie cutter” methodology but employs a combination of research, investigation when necessary, and keenly posited legal positions.

Negotiations & Dispute Settlement

We believe in informed negotiation. We begin by developing a thorough understanding of a client’s goals through question and answer sessions. We then supplement with independent research of the legal issues. Research is important in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a negotiating position or strategy. It also improves understanding how the party you are negotiating with may agree or disagree with you. A good negotiation concludes with each party feeling like he or she achieved some, but not all aspects of what they wanted. Our negotiation aims to conclude with a client maximizing his or her goals.

Trusted Attorneys – Accomplished Resolutions

Our law firm has also developed a propensity for assisting clients with the prompt resolution of disputes – preparing early and well and striking while the opportunity is most open. We pair tactful lawyering with business acumen to present our clients with the advantages and disadvantages of a proposed plan. Our experience guides us in providing our opinion on when to be aggressive and when not to be, and our insistence on preparation puts us in a position of strength at the bargaining table.